Ryan Wayne

Ryan Wayne Curls Night Out


Ryan Wayne Curls Night Out

Prefect your heatless curls with Ryan Wayne's Curls Night Out! This simple hair wrap with scrunches included makes your curls long lasting without the heat. 

DIRECTIONS: After apply Ryan Wayne Hair Products, simply wrap part hair in designated spot, dividing it in two spots. Place silk rope on top of your hair using the clip to hold in place. Wrap hair around silk rope in the curl pattern of your choice. Once wrapped, tie off with the silk scrunch to hold in place. Sleep. Wake up, unwrap, curls for days!



Customer Reviews

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Stacie M
Highly recommend Curls Night Out!

Sick of mom bun?? Single mama to 14 yo girl and almost 2 year old girl. No time for me fixing my hair every morning with mom bun usually lol!! When I found Joseph on TikTok I started putting my hair up at night. GAME CHANGER! This brings a WAY better experience than a robe tie!! 💜

P. L. Dixon

I love my Curls night out. No fuss. Easy to use. Where has this been my whole life? I highly recommend this product.

Mary Bland
Ryan Wayne Curls Night Out

The curls don’t last more than an hour. I’m so sad… I had high hopes I can’t afford to buy a bunch of the other hair stuff. Do you have any samples that I could try first to see if it works before I spend the money?

Darci Sweet
Love Ryan Wayne Products

These simple items have revolutionized my hair care and extensions. Thank you Ryan!!

Michelle Bridges
Curls without the damage

Before coming across the Ryan Wayne Curls Night Out system and products, I was curling my hair daily with flat irons and curling irons. The extensive damage to my hair as a result of this was apparent. After using Ryan Wayne hair products in conjunction to the Curls Night Out system, the difference in the health of my hair is night and day. This is very comfortable to sleep in and so easy to take down. I am able to sleep later since my hair routine takes no more than 3 minutes each morning. It's a game changer. The curls this system creates are gorgeous!!! I get compliments for days and LOVE IT!