Ryan Wayne Deluxe Kit




Our Special Ryan Wayne Deluxe Haircare Kit includes

1- 8oz Ryan Wayne Diamond Purple Sapphire Shampoo

Purple Sapphire Shampoo has it all. This Shampoo is formulated to cleanse while improving the integrity of your hair gently. It will improve your hair's health without drying it out or adding unnecessary weight. Upgrade your hair, and your style is unrestricted! 

1- 8oz Ryan Wayne Diamond Purple Sapphire Conditioner

Purple Sapphire Conditioner is rich in amino acid, formulated to preserve color, moisture, and shine; while providing superior strength and elasticity.  


1- 8oz Ryan Wayne Amber Shampoo

Ryan Wayne Amber Shampoo is formulated to nourish hair with instant moisture. A sleek polished look with volume out of this world. Amber shampoo gives freedom to style.

1- 8oz Ryan Wayne Amber Conditioner

Ryan Wayne Amber Conditioner instantly moisturizes, shines, and effortlessly detangles even the coarsest of locks. Transformed hair becomes ultra-soft, and silky-smooth while allowing room for volume or a carefree, relaxed style.

1- 8oz Ryan Wayne Diamond Ametrine Detangling Primer

Ametrine provides heat protection & primes hair for styling, immediately detangles and releases knots while protecting from breakage and improving hairs health. It seals the cuticle to even out porosity and boosts shine while conditioning, hydrating, and softening the hair. 

1- 8oz Ryan Wayne Diamond Brilliance Heat Styling Spray

Brilliance is formulated to nourish and revitalize the hair shaft while speeding up the dry time, leaving your hair soft to the touch. This lightweight spray minimizes damage and breakage by shielding your hair from heat. Get the h look in half the time and effort.

1- 8oz Ryan Wayne Diamond Crystal Structure Primer

Crystal Structure is formulated with precious glacier water containing superior hydrating rare minerals that help to reduce the effects of heat damage. This product deodorizes and improves elasticity. It prevents flyaways and adds environmental shielding. 

1- 6oz Ryan Wayne Diamond Luster Oil

Luster is a nourishing, lightweight oil formulated to shield your hair from heat and harmful rays while adding moisture and shine. Luster eliminates the appearance of frizz and split ends. Enjoy the added benefits of fewer tangles with styling ease. Airdry or blow-dry. 

1- 8oz Ryan Wayne Purple Sapphire Mask

This genuinely modern mask penetrates to rebuild each fiber, improving elasticity and fortifying hair to rediscover its softness, body, and inner brilliance. Restore overworked hair to its prime with each dose.

1- 4 fl oz Ryan Wayne Polisher Anti-Frizz Control Creme

Diamond Polisher provides hair with a strong, lasting hold while maintaining softness, shine & leaves the hair weightless. 



Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Mary Harvey
Amazing & Worth EVERY Penny

My hair has NEVER looked or felt as great as it does now that I am using the Ryan Wayne Hair Care Products. Getting it of the shower after the first use I made the comment to my daughter how AMAZING my hair felt, even while still wet. Make sure you listen to the podcast so you know how to properly use everything. My husband was away for 2 weeks and when he came home he immediately complemented me on my hair, asking what I did different! My hair holds its style whether it be curls or straight. No need for a million touchups throughout the day like I had to do in the past.

Diane Ouellette
All RyanWayne hair products

Best smelling, best performing products I’ve ever found that do what you said. I have arthritis in my hands and heating brush is perfect as it is so light. It does such a great job on my hair. My order came to Bracebridge, Ontario Canada 🇨🇦 faster than anything I have ordered from the States. From the day I ordered to receiving it was barely 10 days. I wish you had a salon in Toronto, I would be your best customer. All the best Steven and Nathan. I will definitely be ordering again.


Absolutely outstanding products!!! I highly recommend these hair care products!!!!

Hi Ashley

Thank you so much for the review! We're so glad you are loving your deluxe kit! Don't forget to continue to like, follow, share, and enjoy your hair!😊💜


Carol Davis
Ryan Wayne deluxe hair care system

I am the person that shampooed my hair daily. I got my deluxe kit and shampooed my hair and conditioned it and honestly after using the luster oil and the crystal structure my hair has NEVER felt so clean and stayed so clean. The smell is absolutely wonderful. Very excited to get into the other products. I went 5 days with no shampooing and i just could not believe it. I highly recommend Ryan Wayne products. You need to get them. It takes very little snd it will last forever. I have always wanted good hair care snd now I have it. Thank you Joseph and Nathan.

Naomi Owens

Love the kit the shampoo dried my hair out a little but the hair mask helped it back the rest of the products did well especially the oil and the freeze control.